Springfield Fashion Academy Abuja

Springfield Fashion Academy is a fashion school located in Abuja Nigeria. We provide offline and online fashion training for Nigerians and Sub-Sahara Africans, and for people from around the world in a friendly, conducive atmosphere. We exist to empower our students with lifelong skills that will help them be productive, create their own wealth, gain financial and time freedom and in turn empower others. As a result, a chain of national economic growth is created. We train MALES AND FEAMLES from ages 6-60. Age is never a limit or barrier. Springfield Fashion Academy is the training arm of Springfield Fashion House. 


Our training is accessible offline and online. We offer three levels of training.

Foundation Course

We offer a 3-month INTENSIVE (12weeks) training fashion program for beginners. This Foundation Class is divided into two short terms. 

Intermediate Course

Intermediate class runs for 2months. This is for those who have little experience in sewing. 

Advanced Course

Advanced class runs for 2months. This is for those who have experience in sewing but wishes to go further in the craft. 

Single Courses

You can choose from our over 30 different single courses and specialize on.



Because we understand the times and how busy a lot of people are, we created WEEKEND CLASSES for busy professionals that may want to get this skill. No one is left out

Fee: N250,000


We also train children. At Springfield, we are empowering the future generation. Talents have no age restrictions! We run classes for kids, from ages 6-14. You won’t believe what young children can do! Our children programme is a very interesting and popular one. We want to catch them young. Send us your young ones and we will give you a fashion designers back!
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We have well-structured and result oriented online school. We ensure no one misses the opportunity to train and get skilled. Our online training is accessible to students who have registered and subscribed. Our online classes are as practical, interesting and impactful just as our offline

Fee: 70k - 100k


I believe God created man to create and THRIVE, not just survive

I am glad you could make out time to be here today. I am glad we could connect. My name is Blessing Ugwuodo-Nzeih. I am the Founder and Creative Director of Springfield Fashion House with almost 2 decades of experience in the fashion industry, with a strong background in Start-Up, training, retail, production, and marketing I am also a Fashion and Business Coach who has helped thousands of fashion students and fashion entrepreneurs all over the world build and scale their fashion businesses and increase revenue. Over the years, together with my Team, we have trained students from across the globe- online and offline who have also gone on to establish successful brands of their own So basically, I empower people who in turn empower others and we are creating a chain of productivity that leads to prosperity. I am also a journalist and a certified John Maxwell Global Leader. An author of FASHION MEANS BUSINESS, and a public speaker. I believe God did not create man to just exist, live or survive (be counted in the number or just occupy space), but that God created man TO CREATE AND THRIVE

Helping people gain Time and Financial Freedom using their gifts and talents is my passion and I do this through skill empowerment, coaching and mentoring. I am here to help make your dream

Blessing Ugwuodo-Nzeih


We proudly say this “give us few months of your time and we do give you a fashion designer back”

We have proven track record of successful brands that has come of Springfield Fashion Academy. Other brands line up to hire our graduated students. We are changing the narrative.


I love Springfield Fashion Academy! The instructors are so friendly and ready to assist and I learnt so much in a short space of time. Madam B has broadened my knowledge and creative mindset of fashion and inspired me with her great understanding of the subject. The amount of hard work she puts into her lessons is the level of dedication I have aspired to put into my own work. I think of it as my happy place.
Gbangbala Florence Oluwakemi
Hmm,it is unbelievable that I can design and sew. When I came to springfield fashion academy, I was a novice, I don't even know how to thread a machine, but now, wow , I can sew perfectly well and can also design different styles. All thanks to spring field, and God who directed my footsteps there. Presently I am making my wedding dress. Intact I am so happy. Please help me shout out to Springfield fashion academy.
Ijeoma Nwoye