Meet Our Students


A PRO DESIGNER at 14 ! I started sewing at age 9, unbelievable, right Now 14, I am like a veteran and can design so many stuff. I also enjoy teaching others what I know and it makes me happy. During the last craft class at Springfield, together with my younger sister Ema, we taught the students how to make purses from scratch, headbands, wristbands, and roses. Knowing how to make handcrafts is important to fashion designers because it adds more value and styles to their work while helping them to stand out


All the students in this part 3 were taught from scratch. They came with ZERO EXPERIENCE and they achieved all these and more just in 3MONTHS! At Springfield, we walk our talk and out TALK is sweet and laced with powerful RESULTS! Ada always wanted to be a fashion designer but she wanted to get trained the right way. In her search, she found Springfield and the rest is history. Behold her beautiful design. She did this just in 3months!


ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Meet Mmesoma, our cover girl. She was so apprehensive the first day she came to make inquiries at Springfield but honestly, she needn't be. Today, she is the one who has become a shining star with her work. This she achieved within just 3 months of her Foundation Course, now an Advanced student. She repeatedly asked "are you sure I would learn to sew in 3 months?" Her doubt was from past experience from somewhere she had gone to learn but was disappointed. SPRINGFIELD FASHION ACADEMY is different. We are structured and result oriented. We are on a mission to empower and impact lives and help people be productive and live their best lives!


Our Students are happy, creative and productive! here is UK. The first 2weeks into her training, she was almost discouraged. She said "everybody has left me behind and I am still struggling to get my lines straight on the sewing machine while others have made 2 skirts" Well, we had one of those small talks and I told her everybody has got their own pace. And that she is taking her time picking up does not mean she cannot overtake those who seem to be ahead now. Another thing I said to her was to be patient with herself, celebrate her 'little' progress and reward herself on each task completed. Today she has come a long way. We await her Final Project

Some Designs Made by our Students